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A cryptocurrency solution for Nocoiners

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Nocoin Features

Super fast

The Nocoin Network is super fast with block times of ~20s, making it the perfect currency for merchant adoption and not killing babies.


We have an all star team of world class Scientists in Memetology that will publish unnecessary papers on the state of the project.

Thunder Network

Thunder is the 2nd layer scaling solution for Nocoin. We don't need really it as our blocks are pretty empty but it's always nice to flex on your competitors.

Stable Price

Nocoin is the most stable currency on the market. While USDT fluctuates beween $0.99 and $1.01, we can assure you that Nocoin will always be intrinsically worthless.

Dumb Contracts

Nocoin features Dumb Contracts with the nocoin specific NoCode. They're dumb, so if you make a mistake in the code you're basically fucked.


Nocoin will be interoperable with our hat store that we will be launching soon. And yes, there will be Thunder transactions.

Invisible Blackpaper

The invisible Blackpaper was written by u/witcoins (also known as Notoshi), the inventor of Nocoin.

You can download the invisible Blackpaper here. Some say only a true Nocoiner can read and understand the written.

In case the link isn't working you can find the backup link here.

Nocoin specifications

Name/Ticker: Nocoin ($NOC)

Algo: CryptoNight Lite

Blocktime: 20s

Blockreward: ~175M

Blocksize: Dynamic

Max. Supply:

Decimals: 0

Privacy: Ring-Sigs

Premine: Yes, premine, I know. It's 30% with 5% for the team, 10% for the presale and 15% for the community (Giveaways, Contests, Marketing)

Download the NoWallet (GUI Wallet)

The Nocoin NoWallet is the most advanced crypto wallet to date. It stores your Nocoin 100% secure and is unhackable, believe us. There is a 250,000 Nocoin bounty if you can proof us wrong.

Download the Nocoin CLI Wallet & Solo-Miner

Contains Nocoin command line based NoWallet and Solo-Miner. The deamon needs to be open at all times for shit to work. Only download this for solomining and api basically.

How to Pool-mining guide

Buy Nocoin

If you wanna get yourself some sweet Nocoin

We're not listed yet. Come back later for more updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just use Google, like seriously

Our Team

All star team with an all star dedication


Chief Executive Officer


Bleep Bloop.


Head of the NocoinFoundation


unpaid Community Manager


First investor in a Nocoin Startup


Chief Subreddit Moderator

Witcoins (Notoshi)

Inventor of Nocoin

Non Person

Inventor of the Dumb Contract

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